DotA Allstars Tactics

Posted frodo on Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here is a few of tactic for DotA Allstars player that maybe you can use it. There is a lot of DotA Tactic as you all know, but here I want to share a little Tactic for DotA Allstars especially for beginer player. Here is about Creeps, Towers and Powerups, then read this and try it for your DotA Tactics, hope you enjoy it and be the winer, good luck.

- Denying Creeps
Denying creeps is the essential in the beginning of the DotA game. At the first level in easymode, every player needs about 3 or 4 creeps to gain a new level. By denying an opponent a creep you stop them levelling and will give you the upperhand. You not only reduce the amount of experience your opponents get, you also stop them getting gold from the dead creeps.
For a player that who want to deny a creep, you must deal the killing blow to your own creeps in other word you can only attack your own creeps when they have lesss than 50% of their health.

- Dealing with Towers
Probably a common theory in DotA but regardless, its critical dealing with towers,but here is some pointers about attacking towers anyway.
* If your creeps are attacking the opponents creeps, and none of you creeps attack the tower, the tower will make you it’s first priority if you start hitting it.
* If your creeps are attacking the tower, it is safe for you to attack it without worrying about it hitting you.
* An exception to the statement above is if you have lower hp than the creeps, as the towers seem to focus on units with low hp first
* The tower will also start attack you, if you start hitting an enemy hero, in the vicinity of a tower. An exception to this, is if that hero already is taking damage from your teams creeps.
Towers are extremely powerful in DOTA, always use extreme care and don’t get trapped near them especially when hero’s (enemy) are around.

- Powerups
Powerups are very powerful in DOTA, for several reasons. They may give you time to escape, give you a bigger chance of killing an oponent, or even if it’s just giving you the chance of staying longer in combat.
Most players, if not all, know that when they are chased by enemy players, taking a detour to a spot where a powerup may be, can save their lives.
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